Taking advantage of Red Rock Canyon (Finally!)

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Well it took over four years, but I finally made the time to hike in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. A recent visit by my mom from Massachusetts was the catalyst as we were searching for a new local experience.

I’ve been through the 13-mile scenic drive many times and it is stunning. Turns out the hiking trails are just as gorgeous and there is ‘water in them hills!’ We hiked the Calico Tanks Trail, a moderate hike over sandstone. On this desert trail, we came across unexpected vegetation, flowers, a hidden water pocket, and an incredible view of Las Vegas (the reward at the end).

Our hike was another reminder as to how lucky we are to have resources like this so close to home. This natural wonder is only about 15 minutes from my house! As a final treat we came across a large pack of burros on the drive out… just as I was explaining to my mother how I never see them. It was all meant to be.

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