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anthony improgo at vegas view

It’s pretty cool, (not to mention very street-cred affirming) to find out you have something in common with a rock star. Anthony Improgo, the drummer for the alt-electro group, Parade of Lights, is a soft spoken but enthusiastic musician and graphic artist. When we met for a media interview in the Vegas View recording studio on the Henderson Sanford-Brown College campus, an FFW client, we struck up an easy conversation about pop culture and media while we waited for the news reporter to make his way to the school. Soon the conversation turned to our shared love of Netflix original series “House of Cards,” and as we waited for Trevor Thompson from the local NBC affiliate, KSNV, we dished on the devious deeds of Francis Underwood.

Improgo, a local to Las Vegas, was in the Vegas View recording studio to talk about his band and their breakout single “Golden.” The song was recently selected by NBC to accompany promos for the 2014 Winter Olympics – a pretty big deal for the emerging L.A. and Las Vegas based group. Parts of the track were recorded at Vegas View and Improgo was on hand to talk about working with the crew and students there, as well as his feelings about having the song be selected to represent NBC’s promotion for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

It was all pretty exciting, but I walked away from the interaction with this down to earth rocker with a new friend and fellow TV nerd. Improgo was stoked to be heading out on tour with Parade of Lights and to talk about his experience at Vegas View, which has a gorgeous view of the Las Vegas valley that sparkles at night like a desert jewel. While Improgo was excited for his band to be featured on NBC network in the month to come during the winter games, we also shared considerable excitement about the political intrigue that Underwood, master of D.C. theater, had concocted in the second season.

After showing off the beautifully appointed Vegas View recording studio and answering questions for the KSNV Channel 3 reporter, Improgo and I parted ways with a hearty hug and promises to talk about our favorite Netflix series the next time we saw each other. I can’t wait for Parade of Lights to play Vegas again so we can catch up.

Check out Improgo on KSNV Channel 3.

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