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In October, FFW welcomed a new Las Vegas restaurant to its client list and immediately began planning a slew of initiatives to help promote Jacques Café, a casual American bistro in Summerlin.  It was all hands on deck to get Jacques Café ready for prime time.  Our “to do” list included   a website, Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, not to mention a full PR plan and grand opening concept and execution.  With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we set a date for the grand opening and had one month to do everything!


Most people understand the effort it takes to host a party.  Some know what it takes to start and manage social media pages for a business. Some have the talent to build webpages. Each requires a great deal of time, planning and at times, hurdle jumping. In public relations, there tends to be a lot of hurdles, but it’s our job is to execute and make it look easy. At FFW, the behind-the-scenes teamwork allowed us to sail over those hurdles.

Providing everything needed for a successful grand opening and social media launch, including a professional photo shoot, the creation of content for the website, media kit and social media pages could only have been accomplished by a team of FFW Wonder Women. That’s our unofficial moniker, originally crafted for a charity team event because my colleagues and I are often asked to leap tall buildings and defeat the enemy of not enough time in the day.  Needless to say, when the grand opening of Jacques Café rolled around, the restaurant was packed, looked great and the social media pages were in full swing.  And most importantly, our new client is happy.  Here’s to more group efforts from the FFW Wonder Women!

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