The Ideal Valentine’s Day Gift

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Love is in the air! With the holiday of romance coming up we thought it was appropriate to see what the lovely FFW #WonderWomen were wishing for this year.

So fellas, here are the #ValentinesDay wishes of the FFW ladies, with an added “hint, hint” to a few FFW men in particular…

“A diamond ring from my boyfriend.” – Cherryl

“A meal I don’t have to plan and to get to sleep in on Sunday.” – Daniella

“I have never cared much for candy, so truthfully, I would like an extra hour of sleep.” – Anonymous

“Delicious, zero-calorie chocolate and Pinot Noir!” – Melissa

“I would like to receive a day of rest!” – Lisa

“I want my kids to be sweethearts all day.” – Helen

“If you like it then you gotta put a ring on it…” – Dana

“What I really want for Valentine’s Day is for my husband and I to have all the paperwork complete for our new home!!” – Niki

“Since a trip to Fiji is not happening this time, I want quality time surrounded by my favorite things – my husband, my pets and some good dark chocolate. It sounds simple but sometimes it’s hard to achieve!” – Marsha

“I’m hoping for a nice day with my darling daughters and husband and an evening that includes The Walking Dead Season 6 Return AND Downtown Abby.” – Susie

“Snickers, wine and relaxation…” – Katie

From diamond rings to Snickers, let’s hope all of your Valentine’s Day wishes come true.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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