The weirdest thing you love and appreciate about Las Vegas

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Las Vegas… a city of gambling, lights, stunning natural scenery, entertainment and so much more! It’s a city unlike any other. Living here you’ll most likely encounter that shocked/wow/no way/impressed face from those who don’t live here, because ‘who knew people actually live in Vegas, right?!’ (We all secretly live in hotels on the Strip. Shh…)

But to all of us “locals,” Vegas is home, and we love it.

So we polled our FFW #WonderWomen on what makes living in Las Vegas unique (since we all came from various parts of the country). It’s safe to say, visitors would be surprised at how much Vegas has to offer…

“Growing up in a place loaded with blue laws that meant no alcohol sales on Sunday and very few places even open on Sunday – think grocery stores, plumbers, restaurants, etc. – I absolutely love the convenience of Las Vegas. Everything is open all of the time and it’s not very far away.” – Lisa

“Nothing is weird about Las Vegas. It has been our family’s home since 1928.” – Helen

“I’m from the northeast so I find it strange that in January and February we are often able to wear short-sleeved shirts and skirts while the rest of the country is in blizzard mode! I love the warm weather here, even when it is 110 degrees!” – Adrienne

“Seeing Mike Tyson at the gym and clients asking if you live on the strip.” – Karen G.

“24-hour dry cleaning services, stores on the Strip that stay open until midnight, running into Carrot Top at the cosmetic counter at Nordstrom!” – Melissa

“One of the weirdest things for this New England native is the ability to wear a sleeveless dress and open-toed shoes many days in February!” I try not to rub it in to family back home. – Marsha

“As a 16-year-long resident, I enjoy visiting areas that aren’t a “Strip” destination, including Lake Mead, Red Rock and Mt. Charleston. And of course I LOVE that places like St. George, San Diego and LA are only a short road trip away!” – Cherryl

“I love and appreciate that I can wear sandals in February.” – Susie

“I love the art scene in Vegas. It’s small but thriving, it’s vibrant and different and offers so much. The artists here are passionate people that range from every possible discipline, medium and skill level.” – Daniella

“There is ALWAYS something to do! I have been able to work or attend some of the most amazing events and meet some pretty famous people all because I live in Vegas. This place provides you with opportunities that no other city can.” – Katie


Sure, Vegas isn’t the most ordinary city to live in and it’s definitely not for everyone, but from weather to convenience and the random celebrity sightings, Vegas is “Where the Sky’s the Limit.”

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