The “Wonder” in FFW #Wonderwomen

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I love living an active lifestyle. Let’s be completely honest here – I have trouble sitting still in general. Running, walking, playing sports, volunteering, and we’ll throw in shopping for good measure, are my go-to activities when I’m not working. The really cool thing is, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying many of my favorite things with the people I work with over the past few years.

I love that my colleagues at FFW are all active women, in so many amazing ways. The FFW #Wonderwomen are generous with their time and resources. They can walk miles in heels all day and hit a softball like a champ the next day. They will spend their evenings and weekends working on various charity or client projects and still make sure they spend time with their families, helping their kids with their various activities or school projects. Plus, there is endless support for each other at the office – every #Wonderwoman accomplishment is acknowledged and celebrated.

The point is, I’m a lucky gal to work with amazing women. I can’t wait to see what these ladies do next.


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