Twitter and Facebook Compete to Give Us Headaches

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The season is changing and that means so are all your social media accounts. Throw out all your strategy memos and change all your graphics – three big developments are causing many Facebook and Twitter users to reach for aspirin. What are those changes and how will they affect you?

Your Fans Will See Fewer Posts

If you manage a Facebook Page, you may have noticed sudden changes in Facebook’s metrics: are your posts being served or seen? Why are those numbers so low compared to a week ago?

Facebook announced in December that their latest algorithm iteration (say that 10 times fast) prioritizes personal news in users’ streams over Page posts – especially unpaid posts. That means many Page managers will now have to start paying to get seen.

Oh, Ad Prices Are Going Up, Too

Only five percent of posts seen on users’ streams will be paid advertisements, which means not only are your pages reaching fewer users but they’re also reaching them less frequently.

Right now, you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars in one month to see any significant return on a Facebook Ad Campaign. Or get even more creative in your bids for search terms.

If you’re struggling to understand why Facebook would stomp on its own toe like that, you’re not alone. Many small businesses and nonprofits are rethinking their investment in Facebook.
What might be great for the individual user (fewer ads, more puppy pics!), may not be good for the brand.

Our Suggestions

We’re sure you’re saying…great, now what? Well, in addition to introducing an advertising strategy into your Facebook marketing, don’t abandon creating quality content! It’s still good to create and share photos, graphics, videos, blog posts, etc. Also, Facebook did make it easier to run contests straight off of the page last year (who doesn’t like a freebie?).

While you’re at it, consider integrating your content with your advertising. For example – run your contest and purchase an ad to boost your post. More traffic to your page may attract more attention to your spectacular organic content, too.

Twitter Looks Like Facebook Now

Just when you got your profile picture to merge seamlessly into your background photo while accommodating white text, Twitter is all PSYCH! Call your graphic designer and keep a watch out for their brand new design. Everything is about to change.

From AdWeek:

Profile page
Now it comes with a Facebook style large photo at the top and a profile picture inset.

Tweet size
Tweets with more engagement appear larger than ones with less engagement, giving brands—and people, of course—an opportunity to stand out if their tweets connect.

Pinned tweets
Users can choose their favorite tweet to appear at the top of their profile feed.

There are many more changes to come, but the new look should be easier to manage. The goal here is to reach a broader audience by making Twitter’s own website more user-friendly. So you may see fewer hashtags and RTs, and more “shares” and emoji.

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