Vacation Station: Claudia’s Trip to Mexico

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A few days after our FFW Spa Day on July 18th, I kept the fun going with a one-week trip to Mexico with my parents…What a fun adventure! The trip was a great opportunity to visit and catch up with my dad’s family, savor tasty (and spicy!) homemade food and even a three-day trip to another Mexican state! Oh! I also tried tortillas made out of cactus, celery and spinach…Believe it or not, they’re delicious!


The view from my cousin’s backyard located in the small village of Oxtotipac!

My first stop: A small village called Oxtotipac, located an hour away from Mexico City or Mexico, D.F., the capital of Mexico. My family lives in this village and they enjoy beautiful, panoramic views every day (One of my favorite things to do when I travel to Mexico!). Here’s another fun part: A 15-minute drive takes you to Teotihuacan, which means ‘City of the Gods’ in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Teotihuacan is the archaeological site that preserves the remains of one of the most important civilizations in Mesoamerica. Here’s where you’ll find the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Temple of Quetzalpapalotl, the Avenue of the Dead as well as other surrounding buildings. Wonder about the weather here? Well, it’s usually between the 70s and 80s around this time!


Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan. If you’d like to get a good workout, by all means, climb this pyramid. It has about 275 steps!

Next stop: A city called Sahuayo de Morelos, located in the state of Michoacán in western Mexico. It is approximately a seven-hour drive from Mexico City. Sahuayo is known as an active center of commerce for crafts, sandals and hats…Here’s another fun fact: The word ‘Sahuayo’ means “turtle shaped pot” in the Nahuatl language. On July 25th, Sahuayo residents organize a grand celebration in honor of ‘El Patron Santiago’ or St. James the Apostle. The festival includes marching bands, floats and dancing Tlahualiles, colorfully dressed, masked performers with HUGE feathered headdresses. These dancers are the highlight of the event as these headdresses weigh an average of 50-60 pounds and are carried for several hours…I was impressed by the dancers’ strength!


The highlight of the Michoacán festival: The colorfully dressed ‘Tlahualiles.’

Going to the city of Sahuayo for the first time was a wonderful experience as this is the place where my grandparents married and my dad was born!


A nice view of the city of Sahuayo de Morelos in the state of Michoacán. Amazing, right?

If you’re looking for a fun vacation spot where you can also learn about Mexican culture, I recommend any of these destinations (Though there are many more to explore as well!)
Did I mention I LOVE Mexico? You bet I do…

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