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As you all know, FFW is made up of an amazing team filled with all women, #WonderWomen that is, and it’s safe to say that we all have our own quirks about us. One quirk is what everyone likes to eat.

Now we all know that women in general tend to be picky eaters, but you won’t believe some of the concoctions our team of lovely ladies like to eat. Whether it’s a food combination we picked up as a kid, or just weird concoctions we have tried along the way, here is the bizarre (we mean normal) list of FFW #WonderWomen eats:

“Ketchup with your scrambled eggs! This is common for northeast folks, but out here people give me the side eye when I ask for it at restaurants.”

“Sliced bananas in milk, sprinkled with sugar.”

“It may not be a weird food concoction, but when I write, I go through an entire pack of gum in no time flat!”

 “My claim to fame is noodles and cottage cheese!”

“A kind of stove top tuna noodle casserole dish. Its macaroni noodles with tuna fish and cream of mushroom soup mixed together in a pot. Served with a few slices of melted cheddar cheese on top.”

“Cheese and gravy fries! French fries with American cheese melted on top with brown gravy poured over them.”

“One of my go-to snacks is fruit (usually apple or mango) dipped in apple cider vinegar.”

“Carrots and peanut butter is delicious! Childhood favorite: the ‘banana boat’ – bread with peanut butter wrapped around a banana with pretzel sticks as oars!”

“My favorite breakfast is trout and eggs, but it’s hard to find in Las Vegas, no mountain streams.”

“As my diet dinner – steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and beans in heated V-8 juice, generously sprinkled with salt and pepper, and a pinch of parmesan cheese.”

“When I was younger one of my favorite snacks was miracle whip on a tortilla.”

“Scrambled eggs and peanut butter on a slice of toast. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!”

“My mom’s famous shrimp recipe – Betty Foley Shrimp. But, the recipe is a family secret!”

“Mac & cheese with hot dogs is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. The combo of the two classic kid foods is simple perfection… plus it’s quick and cheap!”

“My mother’s Jell-O salads. One has three layers – a layer of cherry Jell-O, a layer of lime Jell-O, and then a filling of cream cheese, pineapple, mayonnaise and whipped cream!”

 “As a true southern gal, I grew up regularly eating a variety of grits. The current signature grits dish, shrimp and grits. I just attended my cousins wedding where the main dish was a delicious shrimp and grits combo topped with gravy, bacon and shredded cheese. Delish!”

Well, it’s safe to say that FFW enjoys a wide variety of food options…

Share with us what your favorite food concoctions are!

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