What’s Klout got to do with it?

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Have you got Klout? If you are using social media you do – It’s a score that helps you measure your influence across the social media spectrum. If this is something you normally keep an eye on, you may have noticed a recent change in your score.

Klout announced today a new scoring method with insights, which they say helps its PeopleRank algorithm better determine your score based on:

  • How many people you influence
  • How much you influence them
  • How influential they are

Some are happy with the changes, and others not so much (depending on how their score changed). According to Klout, accuracy is the goal and they offer a graphic as to how the score changes are distributed.

It’s not on the scale of your credit report, but if you care about your social media presence your Klout score is a good thing to keep tabs on. It can help guide you to reach the audience you desire. Klout breaks down the topics you are most influential about and can direct you to discover what your friends and others influence as well.

Have you noticed a change in your score? What do you think?

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