Winning photographs of Capture Downtown! Las Vegas Photo Competition now on display at Zappos through June

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capture-downtown-zappos-exhibit-2014An exhibit of the winning photographs of the 2013 Capture Downtown! Las Vegas Photo Competition is now open to the public at Zappos headquarters in downtown Las Vegas.

The exhibit will be prominently displayed in Zappos merchandise department, an area included on Zappos tours until June 30. To view the exhibit, visitors can sign up for a free tour online at:

The Capture Downtown! Las Vegas Photo Competition, presented by the city of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency, Symphony Park and sponsored by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, welcomed submissions from professional and amateur photographers aged 21-plus of images that depict life in downtown Las Vegas. The theme of the 2013 competition was “Live, Work, Play,” celebrating the current revitalization of downtown Las Vegas and its active community. Entry categories were downtown living (people, pets and/or places), downtown working (people and/or places), and downtown playing (places).

A panel of professional photographers selected the first, second, and third prize in each category. They also chose the top 15 photos (five from each category, regardless of amateur or professional classification) for the Reader’s Choice Award, which was then selected by an online vote.

The exhibit at Zappos includes the photographs of all winners, including:

Professional photographers
• LIVE – 1st Place: Larry Cruikshank, “The Beat and Book;” 2nd Place: Angie Rodriguez, “View Sweet View;” 3rd Place: Julie Bergonz, “Vegas…where it all began;” Honorable Mention: Shannon Dorn, “Wind”
• PLAY – 1st Place: Christy Rasmussen, “Stratospool;” 2nd Place: Shannon Dorn, “Hiphop you don’t stop;” Honorable Mention: Alan Goya, “Violinist Jean Sebatian-Karre”
• WORK – 1st Place: Myron Hensel, “Midnight Painter;” 2nd Place: Julie Bergonz, “Vato’s Cigar Buffet;” Honorable Mention: Wayne Posner, “A Big Deal on Fremont”

Amateur photographers
• LIVE – 1st Place: Wade Rose, “Fremont People;” 2nd Place: Alex Kosseff, “Modern Yesteryear;” 3rd Place: Michelle Jetzer, “The Contained Life; Honorable Mention: Jay Abramson, “Smith Center Pedestrian Bridge”
• PLAY – 1st Place: Glenn Greathouse, “Fremont St. Experience;” 2nd Place: Kelley Brasier, “Smith Center Dreams;” Honorable Mention: Amanda Hildebrand, “18b Midday”
• WORK – 1st Place: Alex Kosseff, “Let the Light in;” 2nd Place: Alex Kosseff, “Looking UP;”3rd Place: Andriy Isayev, “blueman;” Honorable Mention: John Stremich, “Bartender Silhouette;” Honorable Mention: Michelle Jetzer, “Building a Train”

Reader’s Choice Award – Wade Rose, “Fremont People”

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