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I feel like I have two jobs. The only difference, one pays me and the other one doesn’t.

For those of you who don’t know me, I can be described as a bit of a work(out)aholic and many of my fellow FFW Wonder Women could easily attest to just how much of a workout nut I am.

What can I say? It’s something I am passionate about. Just like my love for working in PR and at FFW.

The other day, when I was driving home from one of my workouts, I realized that I put in just as much dedication to working out on a daily basis as I do to work. Not only do I equally dedicate myself to both, the more I compared the two, the more similarities I began to notice.



Image shaper Shape the image of who you want to see and who you want others to see
Exude personal confidence Ooze confidence from the inside and out by staying in shape and sticking to your fitness goals
Have persistence, drive and a great work ethic Have the persistence, drive and work ethic to stay in shape and remember why you started.
Work well under pressure Work harder when you think you couldn’t possibly go any further. “Your mind will quit before your body will.”
Keep a positive attitude (even when it is insanely stressful) and always put your best foot forward Stay positive even if you slip up. It is okay to miss a workout or eat that candy bar. Just keep putting your best efforts forward.
Generate positive publicity and enhance client reputation You are your client. Generate a positive image and reputation for yourself. You could be inspiring and motivating others without knowing it, so don’t quit.
Be social and create lasting relationships with the media and your clients Create new friendships! The best way to stay on track is to surround yourself with people who can support you and have the same interests/goals as you.
Overcome daily challenges You’re tired, or maybe you had a bad day, don’t quit! Get to your workout and push even harder. It will only make you that much stronger and closer to your goal.
Commit to a lifetime of learning in an ever evolving environment Being healthy and staying fit is a lifestyle, not a fad. Fitness workouts are always changing and you commit yourself to that change.

The biggest similarity between the two is that they both make me feel alive. They give me an opportunity to evolve and grow as a person, to continue learning about new things, to have fun, to stay up to date on current media and social media, to expand my horizons, and to change my life in many positive ways.

My second job isn’t just working out: it’s working pro bono. It’s throwing my passion into something else outside of work that molds me into being a better person. It doesn’t pay me, yet it does pay me in many other aspects of my life. It’s a job I could never place a dollar sign on.

How lucky am I to have two jobs that I absolutely love and cherish, yet never knew were so similar?

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