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My friends joke that I am the Summerlin border patrol. Why?  Because as the account executive who manages public relations for Summerlin, it’s my job to ensure that businesses owners, Realtors, the media and others who refer to various venues as being in Summerlin, get it right. Often I am asked to settle debates about what is and is not in Summerlin.

Summerlin signageFact: Boca Park and Tivoli Village are NOT in Summerlin.  Fun fact: Wet ‘n’ Wild IS in Summerlin!

When Summerlin Parkway first opened in 1990 news reporters dubbed it “the road to nowhere.”  Today, the road to nowhere is one of the main thoroughfares driven by the more than 100,000 residents who call Summerlin home. But technically, you don’t drive into Summerlin until you pass the Rampart Boulevard exit.

Fact: Queensridge isn’t in Summerlin. Fun fact: JW Marriott and Rampart Casino are in Summerlin but Suncoast, located just next door to JW Marriott, is not in Summerlin.

Then there is that one Summerlin village just west of Buffalo that seems to confuse people. It’s The Pueblo, and yes, it’s in Summerlin.  But no, Desert Shores is not part of the Summerlin community.


I don’t walk around with a badge or drive up and down Hualapai pointing out the Summerlin monuments that indicate the start of the community.

And I never, never, stop people from entering.  In fact, I encourage everyone to take a drive or walk through the community – my community that is home to more than 150 miles of beautifully landscaped trails that curve through some of the prettiest neighborhoods in the valley. Honestly, you really can see the difference when you (actually) are in Summerlin. And contrary to what some people seem to think- folks here are nice. I should know. I live there.

Summerlin Pueblos

So just exactly where does Summerlin start and end? Look at the map. Ok, not so great with north, south, east, west? Well, for starters, Summerlin has a very distinctive look. Quite frankly, it’s obvious when you are in Summerlin, and when you are not. I often tell people, if you see gray cinder-block walls or bad landscaping, you aren’t in Summerlin. Summerlin is also super clean. But one easy tell-tale sign: the lamp posts. All of Summerlin’s streets have a signature reddish, L-shaped lamp post. At night the lamps glow amber- part of the community’s effort to reduce light pollution. 

Another clear sign- Summerlin’s signature sidewalks are wide- up to eight feet-  and they always  include lush desert landscaping on both sides of the path. Another big giveaway-  each major road leading to Summerlin is marked by an entry monument.

Once you pass beyond those large red-rock-colored markers you are surely in Summerlin- one of the prettiest master-planned communities in the valley.

I might be a little biased, but as a resident, I get it.  People are proud to live here and call Summerlin home.

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