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You know that expression – “a picture is worth 1,000 words?” Well, don’t forget that when it comes to social media. Check out this article for an infographic on how often women and men are updating their profile pictures! As you can imagine, it’s pretty often. One fun fact from the graphic – the typical profile photo has 3 ‘likes,’ and 2 comments.

Our friends at Studio J in Las Vegas are holding a special “Facebook Friday” session this Friday (8/26) for those who’d like a spruced up profile pic. Studio J founder and pro-photographer Eric Jamison says a good profile shot can make a big difference online – especially when searching for that next great job or soul mate.

Here’s a tip – Check out Groupon on 8/26 if you’d like to take advantage of a great deal on a “Facebook Friday” photo session at Studio J!

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